Zoya Picks for Earth Day

Earth Day 2016 is quickly approaching – a time to take stock of the footprint you leave on the planet and what you can do to make things better. As a nail polish collector, disposing of unwanted nail polish can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, Zoya has kicked off their annual Earth Day special (you can read about it here) to help with this problem. If you are having trouble deciding which Zoya polishes you would like to add to your collection, check out a few of my favorites!

Looking through the list of Zoya polishes can be intimidating and if you are like me, you have a pretty long wish list. Out of the Zoya polishes I already own, I have a number of favorites that I consider to be “must-have” polishes and I really wanted to share some swatches of them!


Zoya - Zara
Zoya – Zara

Zara is a gorgeous pale lavender brimming with golden shimmer. I really wanted to include this one because Zoya’s pictures of the polish looks completely different. The shimmer is very strong, and gives it a warm glow. The formula is thin, but easy to work with and is opaque in two coats.


Zoya - Maya
Zoya – Maya

Maya is a somewhat soft shade of coral. The formula on this one is crelly and takes a bit to build up, but at three coats, its’ not too bad. The color payoff is lovely and the jelly squishiness gives it a bit of extra dimension.


Zoya - Rooney
Zoya – Rooney

Rooney is a gorgeous Barbie pink with just a bit of dustiness to it. The color is vibrant, yet a bit soft at the same time. The formula on this creme is wonderful and this is easily opaque in two coats.


Zoya - Margo
Zoya – Margo

Margo is a deep wine-toned polish. My swatch is a little bit off color-wise – it leans a bit more magenta in person. I love this kind of deep color, almost vampy, but bright enough to be able to definitively identify the color. Best of all, it has an amazing two-coat formula!


Zoya - Aurora
Zoya – Aurora

Aurora is a sheer purple jelly absolutely loaded with scattered holographic particles. My picture doesn’t do this one justice at all, because once you add movement, the sparkle comes to life and is pretty mesmerizing! I used three coats to reach the opacity you see here.


Zoya - Remy
Zoya – Remy

Remy is a dark teal-blue shimmer. Hard to capture on the nail, you can see from the bottle the golden and green shimmer – this polish is loaded with it! The formula is really good and opaque. I used two coats to reach full opacity.

I am planning on getting Lo, Rekha, Jules and Cecilia for sure, but haven’t decided which others I want. What are your favorite Zoya polishes? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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Lo Bruisedupdollie

I’m so sad I’m missing this years sale. It’s my favorite. I’m excited you’re getting Lo with that being my name and she’s sooooo summer perfect!


Great choices! I’m not ashamed to admit I own every Zoya, except for a few discontinued or HTF, so I haven’t purchased any for earth day in years but I still get excited hearing about what everyone else gets.


I know for sure I’ll be getting another bottle of Ryan. It’s one of my favorite cremes and it also stamps really well.


Absolutely flawless swatches of some super pretty colours.

Naked Without Polish

I forgot about Margo! OMG I need to get her out.


Rooney is one of my fav Zoyas!

Sasha - Glamorousnails23

I hope I get to get some polishes from the sale this year. I missed this one last year. Margo & Elsa are going on my list for sure!


I love your picks, I don’t have most of them but I am totally adding them to my shopping cart now!


Maya is all kinds of gorgeous.


These are beutiful!! I need zara in my life!!