Whole Lotta Holographic Gradient

In December, I found out that Nail It! magazine was looking for gradient submissions for an issue coming out in 2015. I happen to love gradients! How could I pass up this opportunity!?

Not only do I love gradients, but I also happen to love holographic polish and I find that whenever these two loves meet up, my nails make me feel insufferably happy. Thus, this gradient was born:

Holographic Gradient nails
Holographic Gradient nails

I started out with one coat of color Club – Kismet as my base and then used a non-latex makeup sponge with both Kismet and ILNP – Fall Semester (thank you Secret Santa!!) and began dabbing on layers. I went over each nail about three times. It was everything I had hoped for! I wish I had stopped there (and I wish I had a picture of just the gradient).

Unfortunately, things went a bit downhill at this point. I thought – “Wow, self, you also love stamping! Let’s combine a third love: stamping! In holographic polish! It’ll be orgasmic!” Even then, things were still good. It wasn’t until I went to stamp the first nail and pressed too hard and the stamp got all wonky that the dismay set in. The next two stamps came out okay, but the last one, on my pinky also got mooshed.

I still like the mani – and honestly, in the sun, the glittery holo goodness blinded me to any flaws, but I didn’t consider this to be magazine material because of the stamping flaws, so I never submitted it.


  • Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition – Green Tea + Bamboo Strength
  • Color Club – Kismet
  • ILNP – Fall Semester
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Cici & Sisi 21

I will of course be revisiting this kind of holo gradient in the future (holw can I resist!?) – hopefully I’ll know when less is more 😉