Vibrant Spring Watermarble

I’ve been seeing all kinds of posts on IG with people using the #watermarblepracticewed tag. I figured I needed to get in on that. Silly me, didn’t realize that there is a different theme every week and I just did something random. I do what I want.

I spent an inordinate amount of time finding some colors that a. looked good together and b. actually watermarbled well. It doesn’t sound that hard in theory but damn, every time I was like “ooOOo, these’ll look great together” I would get a big fat fail. Polish would drop like a rock or dry too quickly to spread well, or the magnetic field of the earth messed with the my water (okay, maybe this one is just an excuse). I obviously need to be practicing this technique more, if only to know which of my polishes work well in water.

I started off with painting two coats of Sally Hansen – Fucshia Power on my pointer and pink finger. For the base of my water marble nails, I painted one coat of Barielle – Going to the Chapel. I added topcoat to the pink nails, but let the white ones dry on their own.

At this point, I taped off the fingers I intended to marble, just to minimize the mess. Not a fan of cleaning up black polish.

I used a small, paper dixie cup (the kinds made for bathroom use) filled with room temperature tap water. The colors I chose to marble with were Sinful Colors – Black on Black, Sally Hansen, Fucshia Power and Funky Fingers – Bizerk Turq. I did two rounds of drops (so black, pink, turquoise, black, pink, turquoise) and then used a straight pin to create the flower petal shape and then dipped my finger. I did this twice, once for each finger.

Vivid Spring Watermarble
Vivid Spring Watermarble

Once the water was dried from the marble, I cut off my tape and added topcoat to seal it in.

I wasn’t liking the look of the plain pink nails, so I stamped on them with Sinful Colors – Black on Black and used my dotting tool to make the centers of the flowers with Funky Fingers – Bizerk Turq.


  • Essie – Grow Stronger Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen – Fuchsia Power
  • Barielle – Going to the Chapel
  • Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Funky Fingers – Bizerk Turq
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
  • BM-XL-05

I think this turned out to be one of my best water marble attempts. I still need a lot of practice – though next time I know to look for the actual weekly prompt!