#mommysmanimonday: Polish Roulette

Zoya Dot & Sephora X - In Like

I always love our #mommymanimonday themes but this one was a bit tricky. Our mission was two choose two random polishes from our stash and make those polishes work together. I generally have a really good idea where each of my polishes are at though, so it was difficult to pick out two without knowing what I was getting!

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Mardi Gras Nails: Fat Tuesday Fun

Simple Mardi Grad nails featuring CrowsToes - Bad Catholic

Last year, I won 5 bottles of CrowsToes polish and one lovely gem called Bad Catholic. This is an amazing glitter bomb filled with gold, green, purple metallic glitters in various sizes. The colors are absolutely spot on for the costume jewelry and coins you get during the parades of Mardi Gras! This polish has been on my calendar for Fat Tuesday forever and I was ridiculously excited to use it!

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Roses and Stamping Manicure

Zoya - Madeline stamped with Mpolish - Sweetclover and Zoya roses

Another teaser mani featuring Mpolish. This is the second mani I did using Mpolish before my nails got their big chop! I wanted to do some art over the stamping and went with roses using Zoya using the mauve tones from the Zoya Naturel Deux set. Of course, I ended up going a different direction with my swatches, so this wouldn’t have made the cut for that post anyway, so here they are!

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Swatch and Review: Zoya – Yuna

Zoya - Yuna

When Zoya first released their Ignite collection, I only picked out Remy and India. When Ulta recently clearanced them out, I went ahead and picked up Yuna and Sansa. As part of my month of untrieds, I decided to put Yuna on. (Yes, I am posting this late!)

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Month of Untrieds: Maniswap Roses and More Texture

Texture and Roses - Maniswap!

Once a month, my group of nail ladies all do a mani swap. We get assigned partners and then each partner choose to reproduce a manicure from their partner. It’s a ton of fun because you get a chance to both challenge yourself and sometimes step well outside of your comfort zone. My partner this month was the Queen of square nails @thepolishedperspective. Go check out her manis! She does fantastic hand painting (her one stroke flowers are gorgeous) and has some amazing indie polish swatches. Big surprise, I love her nail shape!

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