M Polish Spring 2015 Swatches and Reviews

Mpolish - Sweetclover, Bells of Ireland, Snowflower

I am so excited about this post! Today I am all about the Spring 2015 launch of M Polish, an all-spanking new indie brand of stamping polish. I’ve watched this brand from its’ infancy, oooh-ed and aaah-ed over test swatches and was finally fortunate enough to be chosen to swatch several colors from the initial release. Really, it is enough to make a stamping enthusiast downright giddy.

I’d really hoped to have this post done sooner, but first a nail-tastrophe occurred and I had to cut down my nails, so don’t be shocked, but I am in the nub club now! I’d already done a couple of swatch concepts and ended up starting over so all the images in my post would be consistent. Then I got sick again, and that added another couple of days where I did nothing with my nails.

However, yesterday I really had a chance to go to town and I finished up all of my swatching, so lets get right into the review!

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