Transformative Polishes: Essie – Shine of the Times

Color Club - Eternal Beauty topped with Essie - Shine of the Times

In my recent polish swap, I was sent Essie – Shine of the Times, a gorgeous flakie polish. I had been looking for a way to use it in a new way and ended up trying something I wouldn’t normally do: I added it as a topper over an already brilliant polish, Color Club – Eternal Beauty.

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Nautical Nails in Blue and Gold

Butter London - Big Smoke; nautical nails

I posted about Big Smoke on its’ own inmy previous post. I wore it for a day without any embellishment, because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it. Then I saw a mani by @dancerspolishedlife using an anchor cutout and remembered I had some anchor vinyls! Blue always lends itself well to nautical nails, so I went with it!

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#npclairestelle8 and #BHBspooktober Day 31: Favorite Thing About Halloween and Pumpkins

Stylized Pumkin Manicure

I’m a bit delayed in getting this post up, but it’s been a busy weekend! This was my last challenge manicure for October and I did double duty once again. I skipped one prompt from each of the challenges I was working , so not completed, but I am happy with what I did! In total, between challenges, palette cleansers and a few swatches, I did 28 manis this month! I also learned a valuable lesson about taking on too many challenges, as it left me very little time to work on many manicures that were just for me.

Without further ado, here is the last one:

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#npclairestelle8 Day 22: Creepy Carnival Mani

Creepy Clown Manicure

I struggled a bit with this manicure. I wasn’t really feeling the theme and was at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Enter Google, my savior! I found a picture of a sideshow poster that used orange and purple as a backdrop, which sounded perfect to me. Then I happened to see a pumpkin carved with a scary clown face and suddenly this mani came together.

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#npclairestelle8 Day 10: Leaves of Fall

#npclairestelle8 - Leaves of Fall

Our prompt for day 10 is Leaves of Fall – right up my alley! I went with softer shades of color for this, because I wanted it to reflect my locale (still green for the most part) and because I love these colors together! Although it is hard to tell in the pictures (its’ a bit more obvious in the first), the base is a subtle green, brown and gold gradient – more obvious in real-life with a bit of holographic shine from the Trustafarian base.

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