Month of Untrieds: Maniswap Roses and More Texture

Texture and Roses - Maniswap!

Once a month, my group of nail ladies all do a mani swap. We get assigned partners and then each partner choose to reproduce a manicure from their partner. It’s a ton of fun because you get a chance to both challenge yourself and sometimes step well outside of your comfort zone. My partner this month was the Queen of square nails @thepolishedperspective. Go check out her manis! She does fantastic hand painting (her one stroke flowers are gorgeous) and has some amazing indie polish swatches. Big surprise, I love her nail shape!

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#bhbSpooktober Day 10: Blood and Guts – Barbie Manicure Massacre

#bhbSpooktober - Blood and Guts

I knew right from the start that I wanted to do a bloody splatter mani for this one, but the more I thought about it, the more another idea started to present. Instead of doing a splatter over white or black, I decided to splatter a finished mani. What better than something completely opposite – like a Barbie pink manicure?

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Swatch: Sinful Colors / Sinful Shine Prosecco

Sinful Shine Prosecco - Indoor Lighting

Have you heard about Prosecco? If you haven’t don’t be surprised, this one can be hard to find! It’s part of the Sinful Shine Shining Bright Off the Runway collection and good luck finding a┬ástore that is stocking them. The problem as far as I could tell is that not all Walgreens (the only store near me who carries the Sinful Shine line) are carrying Sinful Shine anymore. I had to visit 5 different Walgreen locations┬ábefore I found one that had a Sinful Shine display . Luckily, I finally got my hands on this pretty!

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