Dry Brush Floral Nails and Tutorial

Dry Brush Floral

It’s kind of awesome to go into a mani with a basic design in mind and have it warp into something cooler and more detailed than you intended! That is the case with this mani. I started out just intending to do some random dry brushing, but it ended up looking like flowers on my first nail so I altered my plan and went with that.

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#mommysmanimonday theme: Re-create Another Members Mani

Easy Squiggle Waterfall Nails

Here is another installment of my #mommysmanimonday manicure! The theme this week was to re-create the mani of another group member and I chose to do a mani by @cmlovesnails. I chose this mani partly because it looks absolutely fabulous on short nails – you’ll notice mine are considerably short in this mani than they were in my previous one – but I also loved the colors and the freehand aspect!

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#mommysmanimonday: Summer Floral freehand nail art

Summer Floral nails

My theme this week for my Mommy’s mani group was Floral – aside from dots, one of my very favorite things to do. I took the opportunity to get some freehand practice in. I was originally planning a springy theme, but when everything came together and I had picked my colors, it was decidedly summery looking.

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