Periwinkle Franken-polish

Periwinkle frankenpolish and M Polish - Apricot Delight

I don’t have the largest polish stash ever, but generally speaking – if I need a color, I pretty much have it in some variation (and usually several of them)! I don’t know what prompted it, but the other day I NEEDED a periwinkle-colored polish and… I didn’t have one! I checked my swatch sticks to be sure – I have plenty of light blues and lavenders, but nothing that straddles those two color worlds. That definitely needed to be remedied!

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Mother’s Day Mani

Fresh Paint - Glastonberry stamped with M Polish - Snowberry

Yes, I am a bit behind! We’ve had a lot going on here lately and I am way behind on my nails. Today I am talking a bit about the simple Mother’s Day mani I did – I was so happy with this one that I ended up wearing it several days. 🙂

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Simple Houndstooth Stamping

Revlon - Bold Sangria stamped with M Polish - Apricot Delight

I love geometric patterns and that is often what I am drawn to the most when it comes to stamping. I’ve wanted a plate with houndstooth for a long time and I have to admit it was one of the images I was most excited for on my new Bundle Monster XL plates. Simple pleasures, right?

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OPI – I Don’t Give a Rotterdam Stamped With M Polish – Apple Blossom

OPI - I Don't Give a Rotterdam, stamped with M Polish - Apple Blossom

I’m playing catch-up (again!) – I have gotten so behind on posting my manis! This one features a couple of my newer polishes. I’m still trying out different color possibilities for my M Polish and I did this one because I love pink and gray together! The best part is that I got to use a lot of new stuff!

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