Order Up! Vampy Glitter Gradient

Vampy Glitter Gradient, matte

This week for #mommysmanimonday we took orders from another member. I got my orders from @amyjeannenails who assigned me to do a glitter gradient. Other than that, I had no specific requirements so I decided to go with black and red since Nail It! magazine was looking for submissions. I absolutely adore the result!

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Simple Matted Floral Nails

Matted Duochrome Floral Nails

Last year, I did a green and black manicure using a green duochrome polish. One of the nails had green duochrom dots on a black background and I absolutely loved how the duochrom polish popped against the back. I’d been toying with the idea of hand-painting with colorshifters for a while and went ahead and tried it today!

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