Holo-on-holo-on-duochrome or Fun With Layering

Duochrome holographic gorgeousness

I’m still doing some submission manis for Nail It and obviously, I cannot resist the holographic prompt. I wanted to try doing something a bit out of the ordinary, so this mani features a lot of layering – with holo being the main attraction.

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Free-hand Zebra Stripe Manicure

Free-hand Zebra Stripe Nails

I have to admit – I wasn’t sure where I was going with these nails. It really wasn’t until I had completely finished them that I thought “Oh, hey! These look kind of like zebra print” – really they were more of just a practice exercise for using my striping brush. 🙂

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Month of Untrieds: Loreal – Masked Affair Swatch, Review and Accent Nail Art

Loreal - Masked Affair

I wasn’t originally planning to do a full review of this polish, so I don’t have a full swatch of it, but I am really pleased with this polish for multiple reasons. Loreal is a brand I typically do not pay much attention to. Their colors and finishes are often on the “safe” side and as a result I only have a few of them. If I had just seen this polish in the store without knowing anything about it, I would have passed it up. Luckily, I was tipped off by @thepolishedperspective who posted a beautiful swatch that sent me over the edge like a polish lemming.

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#npclairestelle8 Day 10: Leaves of Fall

#npclairestelle8 - Leaves of Fall

Our prompt for day 10 is Leaves of Fall – right up my alley! I went with softer shades of color for this, because I wanted it to reflect my locale (still green for the most part) and because I love these colors together! Although it is hard to tell in the pictures (its’ a bit more obvious in the first), the base is a subtle green, brown and gold gradient – more obvious in real-life with a bit of holographic shine from the Trustafarian base.

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