#npclairestelle8 Day 19: Ghosts – Blue-toned Water marble

Ghostly blue water marble

Today’s prompt for #npclairestelle8 is Ghosts. Have you ever had one of those manicure days where nothing goes right? I worked on these yesterday and gave myself plenty of time, but a ton of stuff went wrong. First, I spilled polish. It got on my (thankfully black) shirt, my kitchen table (which, again thankfully, seems to be impervious and cleaned up beautifully). Then, the water marble which had looked so perfect in my practice runs looked blegh when I actually went to apply it to my nail. Even once I finally had things looking the way I wanted, I smudged on of the ghosts and had to re-do it. I do like how these turned out, but with all the fubar and problems on the way,  I was sick of them long before I was even finished lol!

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#BHBSpooktober & #npclairestelle8: Day 17 Candy Corn and Black Cats

Candy Corn/Black Cat mani for #BHBSpooktober and #npclairestelle8

It’s double duty mani time! I was really going to do two separate manicures for these two prompts but decided to combine them together just for the sake of expediency! (read: I was being lazy 😉 )

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#npclairestelle8 Day 15: Monster Nails

#npclairestelle8 Day 15: Monster Manicure

The halfway mark! The prompt for Day 15 was monsters. I thought and pondered, ruminated, brooded and cogitated – but I just couldn’t talk myself into scary monsters. I wanted to do something super cute instead. This manicure isn’t particularly spooky (at all) but it was bright, cheery and my daughter absolutely loved it. Total win in my book!

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CICI & SISI Special Halloween Collection – Stamping Plate Review and Samples

Cici & Sisi - Halloween Image Plate - Close Up

I’m here today for another Cici&Sisi review! The two sets I have from them have slim pickings in regards to Halloween, so when I read that they were releasing a special plate just for Halloween, I pre-ordered it right away. As with any Cici&Sisi offering, the plate itself is an eclectic selection of styles and even themes!

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#bhbSpooktober Day 10: Blood and Guts – Barbie Manicure Massacre

#bhbSpooktober - Blood and Guts

I knew right from the start that I wanted to do a bloody splatter mani for this one, but the more I thought about it, the more another idea started to present. Instead of doing a splatter over white or black, I decided to splatter a finished mani. What better than something completely opposite – like a Barbie pink manicure?

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#npclairestelle8 Day 8: Spiders and Webs

#npclairestelle8 Day 8: Spider and Web nails

Another challenge entry out of the way! This one really took some time to think about. Most of my fall and Halloween manis so far have used really traditional colors and I wanted to step out of that box a little bit. I started digging through my stash and came across my bottle of Blue Freeze, which is a really cool blue. The base is a deep navy, but it is also loaded with navy and purple micro glitter. Unfortunately, this glittery nature of the color is largely lost underneath the stamping here, but it is a really nice polish with a great formula.

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#Spooktober Day 6: Skeleton/Ghost nails

Spooktober Day 6: Skull nails

I did have these on time, just put off posting them until today! Sunday was release day for the new China Glaze Halloween line: Apocalypse of Color. I got the glitter topper a couple of weeks ago via Amazon because I found it for a discounted price, but I really wanted this one (Don’t Let the Dead Bite) as well and decided to wait until it was out at Sally’s. I used a smidgen of this on my vampire manicure, but here it is as a full mani!

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