#BHBSpooktober Day 27: Spider Web nails

#BHBSpooktober Spiderweb nails

I’m at it again with the spider web nails. I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go with this mani when I started thinking about it yesterday, but I happened to be checking out blogs and saw a lovely manicure with black roses by Chalkboard Nails and thought that black roses would make a really awesome addition to a web mani.

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#npclairestelle8 Day 26: Zombie nails

Zombie nails!

Ah zombies! One of my favorite things! How fortuitous (also) that this challenge landed on a Sunday, which just happens to be a Walking Dead night. Perfect! I’ve seen a lot of different interpretations, like amazing torn-up zombie fingernails which I am in awe of, but I chose to make my nails a gnarly zombie colored tone and have a zombie caricature on one of my nails.

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Swatch: Sinful Colors / Sinful Shine Prosecco

Sinful Shine Prosecco - Indoor Lighting

Have you heard about Prosecco? If you haven’t don’t be surprised, this one can be hard to find! It’s part of the Sinful Shine Shining Bright Off the Runway collection and good luck finding a┬ástore that is stocking them. The problem as far as I could tell is that not all Walgreens (the only store near me who carries the Sinful Shine line) are carrying Sinful Shine anymore. I had to visit 5 different Walgreen locations┬ábefore I found one that had a Sinful Shine display . Luckily, I finally got my hands on this pretty!

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