Periwinkle Franken-polish

Periwinkle frankenpolish and M Polish - Apricot Delight

I don’t have the largest polish stash ever, but generally speaking – if I need a color, I pretty much have it in some variation (and usually several of them)! I don’t know what prompted it, but the other day I NEEDED a periwinkle-colored polish and… I didn’t have one! I checked my swatch sticks to be sure – I have plenty of light blues and lavenders, but nothing that straddles those two color worlds. That definitely needed to be remedied!

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Marsala Madness – Experiments in Frankenpolish

Marsala Inspired Frankenpolish mani

Pantone announced this years color of the year: Marsala. It’s a very earthy orangeish-reddish-brownish (rustish) color and personally, I love it. As soon as I saw the color, I knew I wanted polish just like it! I looked around a little bit, but didn’t see anything quite right so I decided to make my own using polishes currently sitting in my destash box!

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#nailartsep Day 25: Starbucks

#nailartsep Day 25: Starbucks Nails

The prompt for todays manicure was, of course, Starbucks. I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what I was going to do, but finding the perfect green gave me the push I needed in the right direction.

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