#npclairestelle8 Day 10: Leaves of Fall

#npclairestelle8 - Leaves of Fall

Our prompt for day 10 is Leaves of Fall – right up my alley! I went with softer shades of color for this, because I wanted it to reflect my locale (still green for the most part) and because I love these colors together! Although it is hard to tell in the pictures (its’ a bit more obvious in the first), the base is a subtle green, brown and gold gradient – more obvious in real-life with a bit of holographic shine from the Trustafarian base.

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Still inspired by fall: stamping edition!

Sally Hansen Copperhead and Essie Good as Gold

I have enough polish now that sometimes I have trouble figuring out what to do (because there is so much I want to do – the struggle is real)! So, digging through my stash, I came across Sally Hansen – Copperhead, a gorgeous dark copper (almost more of a rust color) duochrome that pulls a bit purple and green at just the right angles. Even by itself it is really gorgeous for fall, but I wanted to step it up. On my nail message board, ladies had been talking about stamping with the Essie metallics and that made me remember how nice they stamp and voila!

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BHB Challenge: Inspired by the Season and new China Glaze – Rest in Pieces

BHB Challenge: Inspired by the Season

I love everything about Fall. The cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, Halloween, etc. etc. You get the idea. Sadly, I live in Texas and fall is pretty short-lived here. We’re still hitting the 90’s and the trees haven’t started to change yet – but our grass is dying because we haven’t had enough rain. My seasonal inspiration was the colors around us and this is what I ended up with:

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Swatch: Zoya Kalista

Zoya Kalista Swatch

Prepping for my next mani, I put on Zoya Kalista, a gorgeous deep brown/burgundy color. Zoya describes the color  as a

Dark espresso brown with plum-purple undertones and strong golden shimmer

I’m not seeing a lot of golden shimmer on my nail, though I can see a hint of it in my second picture – hopefully tomorrow I can look at it in the sun – but it is still a gorgeous polish!

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