CICI & SISI Set 4 Stamping Plate Set Review and Examples

Half image from plate 22

I bought my first Cici & Sisi stamping plates months and months ago when I first started to get serious about nail art. I was impressed with the variety of images and set 1 in particular had an abundance of images that I simply fell in love with! When I heard that Cici & Sisi had announced two new stamping sets, I waited on my toes to see the new images and ended up falling in love with Set 4. This set does not disappoint!

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Tropez Aqua Bubble stamped manicure

Tropez - Aqua Pearl stamped

While browsing on Amazon, I happened across this polish called Tropez Super Pearl – Aqua Pearl. It is a shimmery, frosty polish, but goes on without obvious stroke marks. The formula is flawless! I had almost 0 cleanup after application. On my nails, it was beautiful, but I really felt it needed to be toned down a bit, hence the stamping! This polish stamps pretty well, but as you can tell from my pictures, on dark colors, the polish really shows its’ green undertones.

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#nailartsep Day 16: Quatrefoil Nails

Now that the awkward “I’m here” post is out of the way, I am ready to dive right in. I’ve been doing #nailartsep challenge by Californails┬áthis month – I’ve seen people doing these challenges in the past, of course, but this is the first time I have participated! The great thing about these challenges is that it forces you to get creative and, if you are a novice like me, introduces you to new techniques and styles that you may not have thought about previously. Luckily, this one also coincided with my BHB Thursday challenge, so two birds, one mani.

Quatrefoil nails
#nailartsep Day 16 Quatrefoil

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