Order Up! Vampy Glitter Gradient

Vampy Glitter Gradient, matte

This week for #mommysmanimonday we took orders from another member. I got my orders from @amyjeannenails who assigned me to do a glitter gradient. Other than that, I had no specific requirements so I decided to go with black and red since Nail It! magazine was looking for submissions. I absolutely adore the result!

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Geometric Stamping Over Holographic Polish

Cult - Coachella stamped with China Glaze - Deviantly Daring

Months ago, I picked up Cult – Coachella, which they bill as a holographic top coat. I found it to be way too graying for that purpose, since it really undermines the color of the base coat beneath it. However, it is densely packed enough, that it works great as a stand-alone polish.

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Chrome Water Marble

China Glaze duochrome water marble

I recently took advantage of the China Glaze sale at Sally’s to pick up a few polishes, including a couple of the duochrome polish I wanted to help fill out my current collection. I knew they could be marbled with because I’d done a few experimental things months and months ago, so decided to dive in and do a full chrome water marble!

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