Quick Swatch and Review: Butter London – Big Smoke

Butter London - Big Smoke

Another quickie swatch and review of another polish I picked up on clearance. When Ulta did their big Butter London closeout (I think they were 3/$15) last year, Big Smoke was one of the polishes I grabbed – and I had never used it before!

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#npclairestelle8 Day 19: Ghosts – Blue-toned Water marble

Ghostly blue water marble

Today’s prompt for #npclairestelle8 is Ghosts. Have you ever had one of those manicure days where nothing goes right? I worked on these yesterday and gave myself plenty of time, but a ton of stuff went wrong. First, I spilled polish. It got on my (thankfully black) shirt, my kitchen table (which, again thankfully, seems to be impervious and cleaned up beautifully). Then, the water marble which had looked so perfect in my practice runs looked blegh when I actually went to apply it to my nail. Even once I finally had things looking the way I wanted, I smudged on of the ghosts and had to re-do it. I do like how these turned out, but with all the fubar and problems on the way,  I was sick of them long before I was even finished lol!

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Tropez Aqua Bubble stamped manicure

Tropez - Aqua Pearl stamped

While browsing on Amazon, I happened across this polish called Tropez Super Pearl – Aqua Pearl. It is a shimmery, frosty polish, but goes on without obvious stroke marks. The formula is flawless! I had almost 0 cleanup after application. On my nails, it was beautiful, but I really felt it needed to be toned down a bit, hence the stamping! This polish stamps pretty well, but as you can tell from my pictures, on dark colors, the polish really shows its’ green undertones.

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