Month of Untrieds: New Technique – Shaving Cream Marble

Shaving Cream Marble over Sinful Colors Black on Black

It’s not all about new polish this month! This is a technique I first read about on Set in Lacquer’s Blog. It’s a really creative way to get a marble effect and it uses acrylic craft paint instead of precious nail polish. As soon as I read it, I went out and got red, green, turquoise and gold paint, fully intending to do this technique as one of my Christmas manis. Yeah. Well, luckily, the gold and turquoise are still perfect for the task!

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#npclairestelle8 Day 29: Haunted House Nails

#npclairestelle8: Day 29 Haunted House Mani

Day 29 finally! Only one more to go after this one! This was a really fun mani to do because (dun dun!) I finally went ahead and trimmed off another portion of bristles from the striping brush I have been attempting to do details with. What a huge difference it made! I was finally able to get some really fine lines done, which totally came in handy for this!

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