Stamped Multi-chrome Goodness!

It’s no secret that I have major lust for any multi-chrome polish. I find them enthralling (more-so than holo even) and eventually I want all of them. Perhaps you can understand how bombastically thrilled I was to receive a bottle of ILNP – Sirene from my Secret Santa swap? Of course I had to put it right on!

Weirdly, I didn’t get any proper swatch shots of Sirene, but I did get a gorgeous outdoors shot of the glorious shift of this polish. There is no missing the shift, it is loud and proud – but I found it a bit difficult to actually capture that shift, so in the proper manicure shots it isn’t prominent at all, so I wanted to make sure to include this!

ILNP - Sirene
ILNP – Sirene

For my mani, I painted my nails with 3 coats of ILNP – Sirene. I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite and allowed it to dry completely (about 30 minutes) because  I was planning on using nail vinyls. Once the nails were dry, I used curved French tip vinyls but put them on sideways over my nails. I filled in the space I wasn’t planning to stamp, as well as around my cuticle area, with liquid latex and waited for it to dry.

To stamp, I used M Polish – To Have and to Holo along with Bundle Monster plate BM-XL210, the water marble plate (which I also received in my swap)! I applied the stamp to the open area on each nail and immediately removed the vinyl along with the liquid latex barrier.

ILNP - Sirene stamped with M Polish - To Have and to Holo
ILNP – Sirene stamped with M Polish – To Have and to Holo

I added one final coat of Seche Vite to protect my stamping and complete the mani!

ILNP - Sirene stamped with M Polish - To Have and to Holo
ILNP – Sirene stamped with M Polish – To Have and to Holo
ILNP - Sirene stamped with M Polish - To Have and to Holo
ILNP – Sirene stamped with M Polish – To Have and to Holo


  • Essie – Grow Stronger Base Coat
  • ILNP – Sirene
  • M Polish – To Have and to Holo
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
  • BM-XL210

Honestly, I could barely bring myself to put anything over Sirene, it is so beautiful and captivating. I do like the precision of my stamping, however and I think it is an easy technique to get a very modern look.


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Oooooh! I never thought of using vinyls with stamping. What a great idea! That shift is absolutely GORGEOUS!


That’s a super idea ! I love the base polish and the final look you created with it !


I totally get where your coming from with these polishes. I have a few, the born pretty ones are really nice if you haven’t seen them x


Omg i love everything about this!

Lo F

Absolutely stunning manicure!


Your manis absolutely give me life!

Naked Without Polish

The simplicity of this is perfection! They work amazingly well together!


This is a gorgeous colour! Wow!


My nails are fairly flat so Duo chromes are not my friends really, but this looks fabulous on you.


I find ILNP to be the champion of multichromes 😀

Luke Smith

I love the beautiful color shift between the vivid purple and teal in your first picture! My wife doesn’t often paint her fingernails and I always tease her about it so this week she said she would paint them with any polish I wanted and I’ve been trying to find a really good one. From the look of these shots of your multichrome polished fingers, I think I’ll have to find one like that!