Spa Ritual – Nomad: Swatch and Review

My favorite fall collection released for 2014 was from Spa Ritual. I didn’t get all of the polishes, but the few I did manage to hunt down I really loved. I had one untried left (I know, I know… sitting around untried since right after Christmas!) so I decided to swatch it and was not disappointed!

Spa Ritual - Nomad
Spa Ritual – Nomad

Nomad is a lovely bronzed gold with gold and pink micro-glitter polish with a bit of a color shift. It is primarily gold, but picks up a bit of green and pink depending on the angle and lighting.

Spa Ritual - Nomad
Spa Ritual – Nomad

The formula on this polish is smooth and buttery. Easily opaque at two coats, the coverage is excellent. This does dry to a matte finish if left alone, but I think it looks prettier glossy so you get the full effect of the sparkle, so all of my swatches have a coat of Seche Vite.

Spa Ritual - Nomad - Macro
Spa Ritual – Nomad – Macro
Spa Ritual - Nomad - Direct Sun
Spa Ritual – Nomad – Direct Sun

This is one of those polishes that I think I will be wearing a lot this fall! I love the color and how easy it was to apply. I’m really looking forward to what Spa Ritual puts out for Fall 2015!