Quick Swatch and Review: Color Club – Nail-Robi

Sometimes, my best polish finds aren’t the latest greatest thing. In fact, most of them are not! I buy most of my polish clearance or discount priced, so it is pretty exciting whn I buy a polish on impulse and it ends up being an instant favorite. Such is the case with Color Club – Nail-Robi.

This is a quick swatch post because I wasn’t originally planning to do a swatch post for this polish, so I don’t have a lot of angles or close ups (or swatch sticks or bottle shots) to show off. Sorry!

I picked this polish up during a Llarowe sale and paid $2.00 – I got a few others from this collection at the same time, but I hadn’t used this one. I’ve mentioned in other posts, but purple isn’t a color I just reach for. However, I happened to be prepping to show off Revlon – Matte Pearl Glaze and just happened to do a swatch stick with the glaze on top of Nail-Robi. I was wowed by how pretty it looked and decided to go for a full mani. Nail-Robi is from the 2014 Safari Garden collection.

That is when my sudden love affair began with this polish. Nail-Robi is a dark eggplant purple and in some light almost looks navy. It looks lighter on the nail than it does in the bottle.

I started to apply it and immediately fell in love with the formula. It was thick, but very easy to work with and didn’t bleed into my cuticles and best of all? One-coater baby! One glorious, easy to apply coat! Here it is topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

Color Club - Nail-Robi
Color Club – Nail-Robi

Obviously, I need to re-think my policy on purple. The ones I have worn lately have been really great with my skin tone! Needless to say, if you love purple and find this baby, especially on clearance, grab it! Completely worth it!


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