#npclairestelle8 Day 29: Haunted House Nails

Day 29 finally! Only one more to go after this one! This was a really fun mani to do because (dun dun!) I finally went ahead and trimmed off another portion of bristles from the striping brush I have been attempting to do details with. What a huge difference it made! I was finally able to get some really fine lines done, which totally came in handy for this!

#npclairestelle8: Day 29 Haunted House Mani
#npclairestelle8: Day 29 Haunted House Mani

First off, I have to give huge props to @ohmygoshpolish for the wonderful video tutorial she had for a haunted house manicure that was the primary inspiration for mine (you can view the tutorial on Youtube). I loved the silhouette look with the trees and grasses creating a little scene. I started off by creating my purple to pink gradient with a non-latex makeup sponge. Once that was dry, I brushed on a very small amount of Cult – Hollywood Bowl so the sky would have a bit of starry sparkle.

Once that was done, I added a layer of top coat and allowed them to dry. The rest of the painting was done with acrylic paint. I went with acrylics this time because I wanted to be able to remove it without harming the gradient if I royally messed it up. My newly coiffed striper brush made such a difference when creating the grass and branches for the tree, it was night and day!


  • Essie – Grow Stronger Base Coat
  • Sinful Shine – Sailor’s Delight
  • Sally Hansen – Bubblegum Pink
  • China Glaze – X-ta-sea
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Acrylic Paint

Very pleased with how they turned out, but I have to admit that I am pretty ready to be done with Halloween manis. Not sure if I will do any challenges during November.