#npclairestelle8 Day 15: Monster Nails

The halfway mark! The prompt for Day 15 was monsters. I thought and pondered, ruminated, brooded and cogitated – but I just couldn’t talk myself into scary monsters. I wanted to do something super cute instead. This manicure isn’t particularly spooky (at all) but it was bright, cheery and my daughter absolutely loved it. Total win in my book!

#npclairestelle8 Day 15: Monster Manicure
#npclairestelle8 Day 15: Monster Manicure

I started out with a basic skittle manicure. I painted a different, bright color on each nail. Once they were all dry, I gave each nail a different artistic effect.

For the turquoise, I dry brushed on a bright green in different directions to give it an almost furry look. The red is a red on red gradient (which didn’t transition well through the matte top coat). For the purple, I used a narrow striping brush and drew crosshatches all over the nail. Finally, for the orange, I made different sized yellow dots.

I used dotting tools and a narrow striping brush to detail the faces and then matted the whole things. The end effect is very Sesame Street and I love how it turned out.


  • Essie – Grow Stronger Base Coat
  • Color Club – Abyss
  • Nicole by OPI – Half-Charming, Half-Alarming
  • Nicole by OPI – Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
  • China Glaze – X-ta-sea
  • Other colors in very small amounts
  • NYC – Matte Me Crazy (Matte Top Coat)

I am glad I used such a bright palette for this before I dive into more Halloween-esque palettes.  My next two challenge manicures are both due on the 17th, so I will need to do two in one day again to keep up. The themes are Black Cat (again!) and Candy Corn.


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These are so fun! If I redo my googly eye mani, I might use this mani for inspiration if you don’t mind? ☺☺