#mommysmanimonday: Polish Roulette

I always love our #mommymanimonday themes but this one was a bit tricky. Our mission was two choose two random polishes from our stash and make those polishes work together. I generally have a really good idea where each of my polishes are at though, so it was difficult to pick out two without knowing what I was getting!

For my first, I closed my eyes and dipped my hand into the Zoya area of my top drawer. I pulled out Zoya – Dot. I felt kind of meh about this choice because while I love the color of Dot, it is sheer and I always need at least three coats for full opacity.

For my second choice, I dove into my third drawer. This is where I keep polishes I really like, but don’t have many of each brand. I ended up grabbing Sephora X – In Like, which I got for a steal at Big Lots a few months ago. I love this polish! It’s putty colored (I know that sounds a bit gross) loaded with gold glitter. It reminds me a bit of Sinful Colors – Prosecco, but much shinier and with a much better formula!

To my immense relief, these are two colors that easily work well together! I painted three coats of In Like on my pointer and pinky and then three coats of Dot on my middle and ring finger and topped them all with Seche Vite and let them dry completely.

I’m always trying different things with nail vinyls, so for this mani, I used French tip vinyls from Glam My Mani. I placed them at an angle on my pink nails to create arches and gave each nail a coat of In Like.

Zoya Dot & Sephora X - In Like
Zoya Dot & Sephora X – In Like

I put one more coat of Seche Vite on my middle and ring finger to complete the design.


  • Essie – Grow Stronger Base Coat
  • Zoya – Dot
  • Sephora X – In Like
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

I am really pleased with how this mani came out. Part of my pleasure is that it was super simple to do, which is a big plus for me – but I really like the feminine look of this. from the colors to the curves, it was just what I needed as a palette cleanser. Sometimes I get so caught up trying to think of really awesome art to do, that I forget how much I love simplicity.


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Such a stunning, feminine mani, Jen. <3

Sumeet Singh

So chic and elegant!!!

Tiffany ~ PolishandPaws

I love this so much! Simple is just so classy, but I forget that too and get caught up in complex sometimes over-the-top designs. Beautiful job!!


I really love this! It is feminine and so pretty!


Such a great idea. Love what you can up with, works beautifully and looks so delicate x

Polished Hippy

Wow! I love how you angled the French tips, so elegant!

Jess Scull

So simple & chic! Gorgeous on you!


I love these together, it’s very subtle chic!


This is so pretty and delicate!