I Know What I Wore for Christmas Last Year… But I Can’t Show You.

So, yeah. I spent a lot of time early in December, trying to decide what the crown jewel of my Christmas manicures would be. The special one I’d haveĀ on for Christmas day (yes, these are they types of thoughts that consume me, don’t judge!). Then there was the sickness. Which lead to the exhaustion. Which lead to me wearing a chipped manicure for almost 4 days (7 days total!). Sadly, it didn’t get any better.

About a week before Christmas, I had gotten in the first of my Barielle deals – bit of an aside here but 5 polishes for $5.00 and free shipping omgwtfbbq, polish lovers. I picked up a total of 21 new Barielle polishes last month and I really like them! I’m absolutely kicking myself that I didn’t get their first 5/$5 deal.

But I digress.

I’d gotten my Barielle polishes in, and they were Christmas colors, so I immediately put them on. I used the red (Dinner at 8), the green (Teaser) and for an accent I used the gold glitter (Goldfinger) over a layer of OPI – L.A.M.B. It looked like this:

Christmas a la Barielle
Christmas a la Barielle

I didn’t even take a picture in my light tent, because I was planning on adding more to this – but I never did. It still looked cool though and really, these polishes wore phenomenally well considering I was doing dishes and deep-cleaning my house in preparation for company on Christmas.

Unfortunately, Christmas Eve arrived and this mani was sorely chipped and I only had about an hour to do a quick mani after putting together a trampoline, wrapping the last of the gifts and getting everything set up under/near/around the tree. I went with a simple mani with ORLY – Mirrorball and failed to even get the most rudimentary of pictures. Oh well. I am assuming you all know what Mirrorball looks like by now.

So much for all my grand plans! I’ve got a dozen swatch sticks with ideas that I can use for next year!