CrowsToes – Candied Brains Anyone?

I recently won a giveaway from Peachy Polish for her 2 year blogiversary. If you have never been to her blog: stop, drop and go! She does amazing swatches and is one of the blogs I visit to see great Indie brand swatches. I was shocked that I won, because I’ve never won a giveaway before! I won 5 bottles of CrowsToes polish (you can take a look at what they have at Llarowe). All of the ones I received are gorgeous and I will eventually use all of them, but this post is for Candied Brains Anyone?!

Crows Toes - Candied Brains Anyone?
Crows Toes – Candied Brains Anyone?

Seeing as how it is late October, it seemed fitting to put this one on first. I don’t wear a lot of chunky glitter, but this polish was like a party in a bottle. It is a clear base with red, orange, blue, green, gold and purple hex glitters in various sizes. I was really impressed with how dense this glitter was.¬†As you can see from the picture above, you don’t have to go fishing for the glitter at all.

I wanted the glitter to really show up, so I painted my nails in Sinful Colors – Black on Black for these pictures. The first image below is 1 coat of black, 1 coat of Brains and one coat of Seche Vite to even things out:

Crows Toes - Candied Brains Anyone? - Glossy
Crows Toes – Candied Brains Anyone? – Glossy

Super party bling on my fingertips! It was a a lot more color on my nails than I am used to seeing, so I decided to calm it down a bit with a matte topcoat. I love the effect and that is how I ended up wearing it:

Crows Toes - Candied Brains Anyone? - Matte
Crows Toes – Candied Brains Anyone? – Matte

Yummy! I can’t wait to try the others as well! I don’t have much experience with chunky glitters outside of China Glaze and a few pharmacy brands, but I found this so easy to work with and so dense with glitter that it wasn’t a fight to apply. Definitely in love!