Mani Madness – Halloween Nail Design Round-up #1

Fall Dotticure featuring OPI - It's a Piazza Cake

That is correct, this is round up 1 of probably 2-3 because I plan on continuing to do a ton of Halloween and fall-themed nail designs for October. I’m following three different challenges and while I probably will not get all of those prompts done, it gives me a lot of options to choose from.

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Zoya – Cinnamon: Swatch, Review & Nail Art

Zoya - Cinnnamon Swatch

Fall is the time of year I have to make extra special efforts to not buy every new polish collection. This is my favorite time to year and it seems like every brand is putting out super beautiful polishes. The Fall 2016 release from Zoya, Focus & Flair, had some really beautiful polishes. While I am usually more attracted to creme polishes, I really like the metallics this time. There was only one, however, that I simply had to have: Cinnamon.

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Butter London – The Sweet Spot: Swatch and Review

Butter London - The Sweet Spot

A couple of months ago I signed up for the Allure Beauty Box and I am really excited that this months box had polish in it. Not just any polish, but polish from my favorite brand, Butter London! The color I received is a simply gorgeous dusty pink called The Sweet Spot.

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Peacock Advanced Stamping featuring Sinful Colors – Sky Tree

Sinful Colors - Sky Tree with Peacock advanced stamping decal

Straight talk time – I am not a fan of doing advanced stamping, even though I think the results can look really phenomenal. My nails curve a lot, so getting a decal to lay flat is a herculean effort that often ends in the stamp looking so folded and wrinkled that it is hideous. That being said, I needed some inspiration so I checked out the @pushyourmani prompt and saw that it was decals so I decided to give it a try.

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