Favorite Nail Products of 2015

M Polish - Stamping Polishes

I had all of these plans for blog entries to cap off 2015. Of course, I managed to catch a pestilence that laid me low the day after Christmas (small favors that it held off that long I guess!) So all my plans were for naught and I am late getting this post written. I still think this is relevant information, however, so read on to find out what products I fell in love with this year!

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Fab Find: Up & Up Dispenser Pump

Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Pump

I’ve always been interested in getting the Zoya Remove+ Pump dispenser, because it seems to be really convenient and popular, but I’ve never actually been able to make myself pony up the money for it. Luckily, there is a solution available at Target stores – I can’t believe it took me so long to find it!

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M Polish Spring 2015 Swatches and Reviews

Mpolish - Sweetclover, Bells of Ireland, Snowflower

I am so excited about this post! Today I am all about the Spring 2015 launch of M Polish, an all-spanking new indie brand of stamping polish. I’ve watched this brand from its’ infancy, oooh-ed and aaah-ed over test swatches and was finally fortunate enough to be chosen to swatch several colors from the initial release. Really, it is enough to make a stamping enthusiast downright giddy.

I’d really hoped to have this post done sooner, but first a nail-tastrophe occurred and I had to cut down my nails, so don’t be shocked, but I am in the nub club now! I’d already done a couple of swatch concepts and ended up starting over so all the images in my post would be consistent. Then I got sick again, and that added another couple of days where I did nothing with my nails.

However, yesterday I really had a chance to go to town and I finished up all of my swatching, so lets get right into the review!

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Month of Untrieds: High Contrast Deep Chevron Tips

Chevron tip accents with studs

Some of the ladies on my nail thread claim I can make ugly colors look good and also have an aversion for the color Chartreuse. I set out to see if they were right and when I spotted Butter London – Jaded Jack at Marshall’s for $5, I couldn’t resist.

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Month of Untrieds: Maniswap Roses and More Texture

Texture and Roses - Maniswap!

Once a month, my group of nail ladies all do a mani swap. We get assigned partners and then each partner choose to reproduce a manicure from their partner. It’s a ton of fun because you get a chance to both challenge yourself and sometimes step well outside of your comfort zone. My partner this month was the Queen of square nails @thepolishedperspective. Go check out her manis! She does fantastic hand painting (her one stroke flowers are gorgeous) and has some amazing indie polish swatches. Big surprise, I love her nail shape!

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CICI & SISI Special Halloween Collection – Stamping Plate Review and Samples

Cici & Sisi - Halloween Image Plate - Close Up

I’m here today for another Cici&Sisi review! The two sets I have from them have slim pickings in regards to Halloween, so when I read that they were releasing a special plate just for Halloween, I pre-ordered it right away. As with any Cici&Sisi offering, the plate itself is an eclectic selection of styles and even themes!

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CICI & SISI Set 4 Stamping Plate Set Review and Examples

Half image from plate 22

I bought my first Cici & Sisi stamping plates months and months ago when I first started to get serious about nail art. I was impressed with the variety of images and set 1 in particular had an abundance of images that I simply fell in love with! When I heard that Cici & Sisi had announced two new stamping sets, I waited on my toes to see the new images and ended up falling in love with Set 4. This set does not disappoint!

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Yet another nail blog

Yes, you heard right! Another nail blog has been created to spread the word about fabulous polish, manicures and polish deals! With my daughter starting part-time pre-k, this is a new project to help keep me occupied and it just happens to coincide with my current favorite hobby! Welcome, settle in and please feel free to send me comments and suggestions as I am very new to this! Pinterest is what started me on my journey to the dark side of polish acquisition last year and in March of this year, I started following a nail thread on my favorite parenting website and my fate was sealed. My collection has grown to a (by some standards) modest 250ish polishes, bases and toppers.

A little about me: I am a (not-for-long) 30-something polish addict and unapologetic enabler! I enjoy long walks to Ulta, playing daredevil driving as I stare at holographic polish in the sun and poring over manicures and swatches on instagram and blogs for hours at a time! I’m also married to a great husband and have a wonderful daughter – they cut into my mani time, but I think I will keep them anyway.

Welcome, settle in and please feel free to send me comments and suggestions as I am very new to this!