#BHBSpooktober & #npclairestelle8: Day 17 Candy Corn and Black Cats

It’s double duty mani time! I was really going to do two separate manicures for these two prompts but decided to combine them together just for the sake of expediency! (read: I was being lazy ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Candy Corn/Black Cat mani for #BHBSpooktober and #npclairestelle8
Candy Corn/Black Cat mani for #BHBSpooktober and #npclairestelle8

I went with traditional candy corn colors and put them on as a gradient. I made the mistake of choosing two somewhat sheer polishes (Cloud 9 and Let’s Meet). I originally chose them because of their glitter, but it ended up being redundant once I had the Sugar Crush on top. It took me a ton of layers to get them opaque and then I had a tonc of cleanup to do. I could have saved myself a lot of time by using more opaque creme colors.

Once I was happy with how they were blended, I applied a coat of Sugar Crush on top. I stamped ย the designs on and immediately regretted the paw, because it looks a bit too school-spirit-club lol (go team Candy Corn!)


  • Essie โ€“ Grow Stronger Base Coat
  • Sinful Colors – Cloud 9
  • Sinful Colors – Let’s Meet
  • Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Sally Hansen – White On
  • Seche Vite โ€“ Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Cici&Sisi – 20 & Halloween plate

Even with the paw I like how these turned out. I wasn’t loving them until after I added the stamping, but the dark stamps gave a focus to the nails and pulled my idea together, so it all worked in the end!