Back to (Nail) Business!

You may or may not have noticed that I went on hiatus for the summer. Sorry about the lack of notice – it wasn’t something I had planned on, but between my daughter being home for summer break and adopting a new puppy to house train, play with and cuddle, I decided to put my nails on the back burner.

Now, my daughter is back in school and my puppy is house-trained – though we still spend time cuddling! This is my Frankie-boy – you can see why he won out over nails 🙂

Frankie the handsome
Frankie the handsome

During my break I polished my nails once a week and I concentrated on using neutrals, taking the opportunity to let some of my staining grow out. In another two months, my nails would be completely stain-free, but with fall on the way and my love-affair with doing Halloween manis, I have a feeling they’ll be stained again in no time – I really need to do a few negative space manis while I still can! 🙂

Speaking of fall – that was totally my inspiration for today’s nails. It’s still hot here in Texas, so I’m dreaming of cooler weather and I couldn’t resist using these colors together again!

Fall skittlette in brown, red and gold featuring Zoya - Cinnamon
Fall skittlette in brown, red and gold featuring Zoya – Cinnamon

I painted my accent nail with two coats of OPI – Love.Angel.Music.Baby and the others with Zoya – Cinnamon. I used a quatrefoil nail vinyl from and painted on some of the Vibrant Vinyls liquid latex around the vinyl to help keep my skin clear – I then painted on a coat of Wet n’ Wild – Burgundy Frost. I stamped the other nails with Love.Angel.Music.Baby using plate BC-18. All nails got a coat of Seche Vite to top them off!

I cannot tell you how good it felt to have something other than a plain color on my nails again and I always love these polishes together.


  • OPI – Natural Nail Base Coat
  • OPI – Love.Angel.Music.Baby
  • Zoya – Cinnamon
  • Wet n Wild – Burgundy Frost
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

You can use my code,  JENMORNING at to receive 10% off your purchase! More than just vinyls, the new Vibrant Vinyls website also sells must-have nail care products. I have a review coming up for this brand in the next couple of weeks, but I will say right now that I am a fan!

I have more reviews and nail art coming down the pipeline and I am so, so happy to be back to writing and sharing these posts again!


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Those ears on Frankie…too cute. I’m glad you are back at it.

Sara M.

I missed your posts, but looks like you have a great new addition to your family! What an absolutely adorable baby!

Tiffany - PolishandPaws

I can’t decide which I like more.. Frankie or your mani! :)))


What an adorable puppy. I have five 7 week old kittens! Gorgeous mani ♡


You know, I don’t like brown polish. I just don’t….but this is GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning!


I’m glad you’re back!

Lo BruisedUpDollie

Love everything about your mani! And your new puppy is super cute too!

Polished Hippy

Beautiful art and so glad you are back!

The Jedi Wife

What a beautiful design! Welcome back to the world of stained nail beds, ha!


I was wondering where you were! Looking forward to seeing your nail posts once again! Frankie-Boy looks like our Sadie! I can definitely tell why nails lost the battle to Frankie Boy! He’s handsome! & This mani is beautiful! I’m definitely ready for fall as well! 🙂


So happy you’re back! These are gorgeous!


So glad to see you back. <3 Your new puppy is adorable and I adore your nail art. <3


I love the combination of colours in this!